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We provide comprehensive real estate investment solutions which allow you to invest in real estate profitably...

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"An investor makes a profit when he sells, a smart investor makes his profit when he buys". Our ability to negotiate...

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We provide aligned incentives in order to further enhance your security. The company’s incentive system rewards...

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Who are We?

Whether you are a first-time investor or a seasoned investor, whether you are private or institutional, now is the time to capitalize on a remarkable opportunity; a low risk, high reward wealth building investment vehicle which will generate cash flow for years to come.

Four Square Realty Investments is pleased to introduce an innovative and proven approach to investing in real estate. By utilizing a unique business model and investor-friendly structure we are able to capitalize on current market conditions and build a portfolio of income producing assets that yield high returns.

Four Square Realty Investments was formed by a diverse group of seasoned professionals with different backgrounds in the real estate industry and the financial sector. Due to the team’s different experiences, we are able to bring forth a variety of expertise...


The global economy is changing at record speeds. Currencies are rapidly fluctuating. Energy, consumer goods, and food prices, are skyrocketing. The stock market is extremely volatile and fixed income investments are yielding minimal returns. Since late 2006, over 250 major U.S lending operations have ceased operations and billions of dollars of debt vehicles have been restructured. Individuals are preparing for retirement and are wondering if they have enough cash inflow and assets to supplement their retirement needs. The world is changing…

With change, we see opportunity. We see opportunity to acquire discounted real estate. We see opportunity to acquire distressed paper assets and originate paper secured by discounted real estate assets. We see opportunity to acquire real estate in emerging economies such as Brazil, India, and China. We see opportunity in implementing advanced solar powered technology, “green” technology, and other forthcoming standards in eco-friendly technology to current and future holdings. Bottom line, we see opportunity in real estate.

Four Square Realty Investments was designed to take advantage of these opportunities. We provide comprehensive real estate investment solutions which allow you to invest in real estate profitably, without having to worry about locating the right deal, negotiating favorable terms, due diligence, managing risk, financing, developing and redeveloping, managing assets, and any other item which in compilation represents “the art of the deal”.


Identify Opportunity

Throughout history, there have always been investment products that outperform national averages by substantial margins. Opportunity can in fact be created and predicted, and that is what we do. Through extensive research and a proven network of contacts, we are able to identify opportunities in unexpected, sometimes overlooked markets, typically those having experienced recent volatility. Our abilities lie in identifying opportunities, in which we are able to structure into investment products with low risk and high-yield profiles. We consider many opportunities, but we only pursue those with the potential for solid returns.

Gain Control

Although patience and discipline are basic elements in a successful investment, skillfully negotiated terms are vital. We have learned to utilize the wide array of tools available to us to create the most value possible for our clients. Our negotiations are always geared toward minimizing the potential risk associated with market shifts or unexpected defects in the investment. Although each deal is unique they all share one thing in common: The ability to fit the profile of a lucrative and secure investment vehicle that investor’s desire.

Create Value

“An investor makes a profit when he sells, a smart investor makes his profit when he buys.” Our ability to negotiate favorable pricing and locate discounted assets increases the investment value immediately, resulting in instant equity for our investors. This creates guaranteed value created prior to acquisition as opposed to during acquisition. After gaining control of an opportunity with guaranteed value, we are able to either sell the asset for a substantial profit, or enjoy long term cash flow.


In addition to the benefits of real estate backing and investor-friendly capital structures, we provide aligned incentives in order to further enhance your security. The company’s incentive system rewards management based on the performance of the company’s projects. Management receives its greatest rewards in the form of dividends only after investors have received their structured returns.


We value our business model

as the compelling product of our team’s diverse success over decades and across industries. We build upon our collective experience, expertise and relationships to realize envisioned goals.

We uphold civic responsibility

as we are thoughtful, prudent and responsible members of the communities we develop and within which we work. We endeavor daily to provide access to quality living and working environments.

We know that earning and building trust

requires consistently meeting and exceeding performance expectations. We always have and always will demonstrate the utmost integrity and professionalism with every opportunity.

Our Projects

Punta Gorda, FL
Fund ROI: 9.5%
Port Charlotte, FL
Fund ROI: 8.2%
Estero, FL
Fund ROI: 10.3%
Naples, FL
Fund ROI: 11.5%
Fort Myers, FL
Fund ROI: 14%
Cape Coral, FL
Fund ROI: 14.5%
Cape Coral, FL
Fund ROI: 11.5%
Fort Myers, FL
Fund ROI: 13.7%